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Game night con Charlie en Granada

El sábado fue la primera vez que dejamos jugar a Charlie Beard al publico general. Fue en el salón Continental de Granada

Sacamos muchas cosas en claro, necesitamos mejorar ciertos aspectos que teníamos claro que no estaban bien en esta alpha, pero sobre todo vimos que al publico le gusto mucho y disfruto jugando.


Tenemos que dar las gracias a Granada Jam (@GranadaJam) por organizar el evento y a Eduardo Sanchez (@Creativwhispers) por enseñar el juego y recoger ese feedback tan tan valioso

Ahora nos queda mucho trabajo por terminar, pero poco a poco vamos afinando y dejando un acabado final muy redondo

!Nos vemos pronto!

We are back!

Hello everyone!

After a long time without any news, we have this update about how the studio projects are going

We have been working very hard on Charlie Beard, who finally looks like we wanted. We will upload new and interesting material.

For those who want to try the game before anyone else, we will be at “Cafe Continental” in Granada (Spain), on June 23, presenting a small demo for all those who want to play

And for now, here is some new material:

Updating Beardy islands

Good morning everyone

As you know, we are working on the new Beardy islands for PC and consoles. However the Android version is working very well, so we decided to give it a little more life and update it with enemies

We do not know when this update will be, but we hope it does not take long

In addition, we are seriously thinking about adding new levels

Stay tuned

Improvements and feedback

Good morning sailors

We are working on the new version of Beardy, so where we have already improved many things:

– Object physics: now strange things will not happen when you push them with your head

– The invisible walls have disappeared, so you can fall into the water and lose 1 life.

– The lianas can be in at any place of the platform, and not only at the edges

We have also added other things like a new archipelago with very interesting new mechanics and by popular request … ENEMIES! It was not our initial idea, but we can not ignore all the people who asked for it.

You have played Beardy islands on Android and you believe that you are safe in this new version … you are wrong, many phases are remade taking advantage of the new mechanics.

And now, here is some new sketches

See you nex time!

Meet the new Charlie Beard

Good morning to everyone

Today we leave you a gift from our artistic director, Nico. It is a time lapse video in where you can see how it will be the new main character of the new version of Beardy islands.

We hope you like it as much as we do

What are we working on now?

Good morning sailors

We have not been updating the blog for a while, we had some intense months of work, having to leave the social networks a bit aside, but hey, let’s go to what interests you, what are we working on now? We can say that we are still working in Beardy islands … not in the Android version, but in the new version for Xbox One and PC!

It will be a much better game, with new game modes, more islands, new mechanics, new music, and a totally new graphic style, so you can enjoy it in HD from your living room.

We are going to leave images and videos on the blog, so you´ll can check how we are progressing in the game, in which we promise, we are going to work very hard to be worthy of your expectations.

Launch date? It’s too soon to talk about that, even though we already have things done, the work to do it is huge. As soon as we know dates, we will announce them

See you then sailors!

Achievements are ready

In our plans for the first update that will add interesting things, in addition to fixing bugs, was the inclusion of achievements, well, they are already implemented! Now only need to make the button to check them and thats all. In addition we are going to fix the invisible walls, adding an obstacle to make it easier to identify the playable limits of the islands from height

See you soon!